HEAL The GUT Program

"I started to see immediate results. My abdominal pains have stopped, and I am no longer bloated…Christine LeBlanc

"After doing the IgG food sensitivity blood test...my IBS symptoms have greatly diminished and are now under control..." Valérie Belliveau

"People are very happy with their services, professionalism and care. I believe in a team integrative approach to patient care...Dr. Christian Turbide, MD, Gastroenterologist

For many of us, ignoring digestive symptoms is common because we were not taught about the importance of digestive health and ways to be able to fix it. I often hear from new patients telling me about how they were diagnosed with IBS (or another gastrointestinal disease) but were told "it has nothing to do with your diet" or "learn to live with it". Nothing could be further from the truth.

As experts in healing the gut, our naturopathic doctors use an individualized approach with each patient to successfully heal their digestive system. Specialized testing is conducted to properly diagnose the disease and its causes.

Digestion is foundation for all health conditions

Dysbiosis - This year, resolve to optimize your gut health

Heartburn is not just an acid problem

Healthy HORMONES Program

"My hormones are definitely more balanced…"Geraldine Richard

Our naturopathic doctors are passionate about endocrinology. Please read among the following articles. Note that specialized laboratory testing may be conducted to properly diagnose hormonal imbalances and their causes.

Hormones play a role in all health problems

Optimal health requires understanding of hormones

Feeling tired? Thyroid imbalance a potential cause

Feeling Tired? Stressed? Adrenal imbalance may be the cause - PartI & PartII

Adrenals - Feeling tired? Cortisol has a strong influence on health

Female Health I: Anovulatory cycles - understand the cause of PMS & menstrual imbalances

Female Health II: Understand the link between adrenal health, menopause

Weight Loss Program

"I lost 25+ lbs and I'm really grateful...Ulysse Dangle

"I lost 10 lbs, and it has stayed off...Ethel Mumford

An individualized program that includes addressing the underlying causes that are contributing to hormone imbalances, lowered metabolism and weight gain. Feasible dietary changes and exercise programs are also discussed. Please visit the following articles for more info about this program:

Weight Loss Program Part I: Take a common-sense approach to weight loss
Weight Loss Program Part II: Take a common-sense approach to weight loss
Weight Loss Program Part III: Exercise vital for weight loss, maintaining muscle

Clinical Detoxification Program

"He brought me back to a healthy & active lifestyle after being environmentally poisoned..." Robert Lapointe

"Receiving a detox cleanse has put me on a better road of health along with having more vim and viger..." Warrenne Agnew

"Even though I am less than halfway through my treatment schedule I have received tremendous benefit from the nutrient replacement and detoxification..." Amy Jakubowski

‘Clinical Detox’ provides better health outcomes

Immune Health Program

Patients benefit from this program by getting one step ahead of viruses and bacteria.

Immune Health Program tailored to each patient

Diabetes Program - Knowledge Empowers Healing

"I was able to stop taking my Insulin and eventually stop all the other medication (all approved by my MD)...Ulysse Daigle

For all forms of diabetes, educating yourself is the stepping-stone for healing. As Naturopathic Doctors, helping patients understand their condition is the first step in this unique approach.

This programs aims to take your health further than symptom management. Prior to starting this program many patients find that their diabetes is slowly progressing while fearing the complications so commonly seen (kidney failure, blindness, neuropathy and cardiovascular disease to name a few).When it comes to type 2 diabetes, we are interested in helping patients cure their disease. No doubt, the conventional medicine approach using Metformin and other anti-diabetic drugs are very helpful initially to slow down disease progression. Likewise, dietary suggestions to eliminate sugary foods and switch to whole wheat bread (vs white bread) are also helpful, but these suggestions do not cure their disease. Tired of feeling sick?

Join this program: gain a true understanding of your condition, realize the "Why" behind high blood sugar levels, and don't look back - cure your type 2 diabetes and if you have other forms of diabetes our goal is to better manage your disease.

Take steps to understand, prevent diabetes

Bone Health Program 

"In less than one year there has been a very significant improvement in my osteoporosis condition..."Maria LeBlanc
Dedicated to the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. This program incorporates the FOOT Plan (Fully Optimized Osteoporosis Therapy Plan). The FOOT Plan is based on the initial work of Dr. Mark Swanson, ND, who through his practice in Washington (USA), devised clinically successful treatments that aim to not only stop bone loss, but also improve bone density. Please visit Dr. Gleixner ND's Times and Transcript articles for more info about this program:
Bone Health Program tailored to each patient
There is a new option to osteoporosis

Pediatric Health Program

A program dedicated to helping children, adolescents and parents to evaluate and address the cause(s) of their illness/symptoms and use the safest, gentlest, and most effective treatments.