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Heal yourself using integrated medicine
The use of naturopathic medicine in conjunction with conventional medicine is an important first step in improving our present health care system. Adopting naturopathic medicine represents a new paradigm that promotes health and focuses on addressing the causes of disease. 


To help summarize this new vision for our health care system, view the following flow charts (see links below) that represent each form of medicine. In essence, if we include both flow charts together: “conventional health care” + “naturopathic health care” = an integrated health care system that benefits everyone. The debate is no longer whether it’s one or the other, but rather moving forward with the integration of both. In my May 2013 article, I provided examples on how Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) and Medical Doctors (MDs) are now working together. It is clear that NDs and MDs roles in patient care are complementary, and when used together, combining the strengths of each form of medicine can dramatically improve the outcome of a patient's health concern(s).


In my September 2013 article, I reviewed the top 5 reasons for combining both forms of medicine. 


In my April 2014 article, I discuss how combining conventional and naturopathic health care could save the NB government millions in tax payers money.


A new vision that aims to take your health further than symptom management

Our Naturopathic Doctors often tell their patients that they don’t treat symptoms. Without further explanation, it would seem that there wouldn’t be anything left to treat! On the contrary, through extensive detective work, many problems in the body can be revealed. Correcting underlying imbalances is our specialty. By understanding how your body is working (or not working), treatments can more specifically address the the true cause of your medical condition. Naturopathic treatment will be more individually prescribed to re-balance bodily systems and therefore provide better long-term success. By treating in this manner, virtually all chronic and most acute conditions can benefit. To understand this concept further, look at the flow chart diagram entitled "A Dual Approach" (see link below) and read article entitled "Address underlying problem, not just symptoms".


The bucket analogy
The bucket analogy explains how the body should work, and when it goes out of balance (see diagram below entitled 'Bucket concept'). The key to the prevention and treatment of illness is to use an individualized approach that addresses your health predispositions. Based on a framework of understanding the true cause of your medical condition, our doctors will discuss workable strategies that aim to provide relief of your primary medical concerns while addressing the underlying causes.


To further understand this unique concept check out the following articles on eczema and other skin conditionsallergies, detoxification, optimizing your immune system, quitting smoking, and understanding the root cause of depression and anxiety.


Digestion is foundation for all health conditions
Digestion and its proper function has ramifications in all aspects of our health (see diagram below entitled 'Digestion is foundation'). To further understand this unique concept check out the article entitled "Digestion is foundation for all health conditions".


The iceberg analogy
To further understand this unique concept check out the article entitled "Understanding why you have depression" and see diagram below entitled The Iceberg Analogy.


Chronic Pain - Obstacles to healing

With any injury, whether it is a paper-cut or a car accident, the body should have the ability to heal itself. So why are some people still in pain months after the initial injury? What is blocking their body from healing fully?  What I have found is that each person who is stuck in chronic pain has a unique combination of factors that are impairing their body’s ability to heal. I like to refer to these as “obstacles to healing.” To learn more please read the following article called: Pain management based on five key principles.


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A Dual Approach

'Bucket concept'

Conventional Health Care

'Digestion is the foundation'

Naturopathic Health Care

The Iceberg Analogy